Hostetler Group


Support for the advancement of payment reform and practice transformation 

model development

  • Developing and implementing alternative payment methodologies and value-based pay strategies for vulnerable populations
  • Developing risk adjustment strategies for payment and quality metrics that takes social determinants of health complexities into account
  • Defining and improving a value equation for Federally Qualified Health Centers and primary care associations

Education & engagement

  • Aligning stakeholders behind a payment reform strategy for vulnerable populations
  • Creating a learning community for practice transformation for safety net clinics
  • Collecting social determinants of health data and testing interventions
  • Facilitating growth strategies and competition among community health centers

Organizational guidance

  • Helping primary care association CEOs and executive directors be successful in the current and evolving health care environment
  • Facilitating strategic planning retreats, board meetings and staff planning sessions for organizations focused on aligning payment with practice transformation, creating and improving their value equation, and addressing social determinants of health barriers